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Finally there is a room for adults!  The children always have games catered to their desires but hardly ever do the adults get a place just for them to enjoy.  The vintage museum is for adults 16 and over.  Many of these games are from the 1950's and you will be amazed at the level of imagination these designers had to create games with so little technology.  No video screens, no computer boards, no Ram or hard drives, just motors, chain drives, coils, leaf switches and mirrors! We have brought together a collection of rare games that you won't see anywhere else and may not have ever seen before yet some may remember them from when they were young!

There are also social games located here where you are encouraged to be SOCIAL!  Meet new people, play a game of shuffleboard or bowl a game with a stranger.  Get to know others, you'd be surprised how interesting and worth knowing so many people are that you might otherwise pass by any other day.

Here is a list of the vintage games with a description of the game as well as a link to the advertisement flier that was distributed by the manufacturer way back when.